Thursday, 13 February 2014


Another point in life where I felt like crying and shouting, 'I dont wanna be in this situation/position lah!'


Seriously, little things in life stress me up. Esp when I realise that on my own, I will not be able to balance the tasks on my hands and produce a near perfect result.
I don't know why am I like that.
Why can't I just buat-buat selamba, and not care. Whatever happens, happens lah.
Psst..I'm pretty sure lots of people in this world ( if not Malaysia) are like that.
But I cannot lah!

So I was learning this new song,"The Gospel was Promised" by Sovereign Grace for CF's worship tomorrow.
And then I listened and listened and listened and listened and listened and listened......yea, you get it.

And then I started thinking about next week's worship.Like, who's gonna be the worship leader?
Coz I'm the one who's supposed to arrange the worship schedule, and trust me, on a human human side of me, it's easier for me to read ten law books(really thick ones) than to ask , invite them(ultra-politely) or to persuade them to worhsip lead. I repeat, THAN TO PERSUADE MY FRIENDS TO WORSHIP LEAD.
So susah one lah.
All sort of reasons everytime i approach them: Got class lah, cannot sing lah, choose someone else lah.bla bla bla
And then I got angry thinking about my seemingly huge task..
Yeah that's me.
hahahaha.yes lah I know I get angry at almost every and anything okay.
And I know it's not an elephant-like huge task.It's just to get people to lead worship lah for goodness sake.
But still, I really dont know why lah, WHY??? why me lah.go get someone else to do this schedule lah.Save me a lot of mafan.

And then I'm reminded that I am doing this for God.
For my God. So it's not for the CF, it's not for me, nor for anyone else.
I don't win applause from man, but from God.
And I will work at it with ALL my heart. Colossians 3:23

Oklah, at least now got reason and purpose as to why I'm doing this. Therefore, I will persevere and not complain.


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