Saturday, 8 February 2014

At The Cross

At the Cross
Lord You've searched me 
You know my way 
Even when I fail You 
I know You love me 

Your holy presence 
Surrounding me 
In every season 
I know You love me 
I know You love me 

At the cross I bow my knee 
Where Your blood was shed for me 
There's no greater love than this 
You have overcome the grave 
Your glory fills the highest place 
What can separate me now 

You go before me 
You shield my way 
Your hand upholds me 
I know You love me 

You tore the veil 
You made a way 
When You said that it is done 

And when the earth fades 
Falls from my eyes 
And You stand before me 
I know You love me 
I know You love me


I once went to a church, and was told to not sing Contemporary Christian Music.
Well, for reasons which I can understand, together with the good intentions behind it.
And I thought about it, and decided to not fight nor argue about it, because it isn't gonna make the situation better.And I might end up getting confused.
Some things need not be fought over. In cases like these, both parties are earnestly trying to decipher what the Lord wants, each trying their best to please Him, whatever the words they sing.
Whether it comes from Psalms, or the Proverbs or anywhere else.
I decided the best thing I could do now is to not argue about these trivial things because we have a greater mission to accomplish, that is to LOVE one another.
Hate the brokenness and the hurt after a dispute.Always seem to form cracks to our relationship. =(

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