Friday, 8 November 2013

#Rant Post

You know, I never really get to find out why do people always say, 'Reading law' instead of 'Studying Law'.
I think the word 'studying' requires a higher standard of input into the brain than mere 'reading'.
Like when I read something related to law, there is a need to analyse and evaluate.
I think I actually like doing that-connecting pictures, diagrams, words. If not for the time limit, I would enjoy them all .
Whatever it is, sometimes, when I'm in my right state of mind, then I'll tell myself that I've gotta enjoy this process.No matter that. Since I'm already in here, in this mess.  Road to success.Bwahhahaha..Optimistic.

*cross fingers*  I hope my Samsung phone is okay, and in one-piece, when it comes back to me.
Don't ask me why I bought a Samsung.I'm pretty sure i made it clear to everyone that I've set my eyes on a Lenovo s890.
Then , I walked into Summit, determined to buy just that, and the salesperson was like 'Why don't you get HuaWei, the best brand in China?Lenovo is also made in China you know bla bla bla.'
And then they were promoting s3, which is also on sale.
And then.......after much walking and discussion, and surveying, and talking, and looking at phones of different models,I decided to just go back and BUY THE PHONE LAH.
But it wasn't a Lenovo cause the salesperson does not sell screen protector for the model I wanted.
He wanted to charge me RM100 for the cover.=.=
Which I did'nt buy because I feel cheated.
So I bought the s3.

And Then, I discovered (when i reached home), that the camera was faulty.=.=
And I discovered, a tad too late, that stupid SAMSUNG doesnt do a one to one exchange.They would only repair it.
I mean it's like so unfair, it was their negligence in manufacturing a faulty product and I can't exchange for a new phone.It isn't even like I got it as a gift,  I bought it with MONEY.
Just so pissed off the entire day.
Sigh, whatever la, repair pun repair la.
No use stressing and being angry liao right?
 I just need to complain here.
I don't understand why is it I always kena for buying faulty electronic stuff.=(