Wednesday, 1 April 2015

First Blog Post 2015

Dear Blog,

I can't believe it----well maybe I can. Such a long time, since I last visited and penned down my thoughts, on this blog.

Initially wanted to find a space to rant again, the little rebel inside of me is screaming and raging at the world. Yes, you got it right. I'm pissed. More than pissed. And I thought I'm gonna write (or type)  my heart out into this little space.

So I came, and read through my blog posts. Haha. Seemed like the year 2014 Michele is a different creature from the current Michele right now.
Where has that Michele gone? It seems like the Michele then is much more mature, more composed, more trusting.


Ok, maybe it's because I'm just feeling angry, pissed off, volcanoic ( root word : volcano ).
Anyway, I got lazy at typing the whole story out, I'm just gonna sign off and watch a drama or so on Youtube.
And hopefully, wake up tomorrow to a better day.