Saturday, 22 June 2013

Post Exams

The last post dated back to 29th of April.
almost two months ago.

Anyway, a quick update:
Finished my year 1.
YESH!Did you read that?
Nevermind, I'll type it again.



Ok.Last I recall, I blow kissed about 10 marks to my Common Law examiner coz I couldn't finish it on time.
I read the Public Law question wrongly so I think my answer is only half-correct.
Criminal Law was the first paper and I didn't plan my answers properly so there were LOTSA mistake.
Contract law too, I couldnt finish the last question and therefore it was left hanging.
Personally and honestly, I didnt think I presented my very best.As in no-regrets-best.
But I did my human best.And the mistakes were well, mistakes.Human mistakes.HAHA.
Ok.this is much twisting and turning with the story!
But but but, I still wanna focus on Jesus, focus on my almighty, strong, powerful God.
Because He can do anything.He does what He wills.And I believe everything that is planned or allowed by Him will be the best plan ever, for my life.

And I visited the Kampung Orang Asli in Sungai Rasau to spend time with the children.
And I love them, all of them.
I tell you, the most mature, bestest, kindest,understandest(if there is such a word) is often the poorest.
It need not be the oldest, it could be the youngest.
Their living condition is bad.They live with chickens, like under the same roof,same level!!!!!
By the way, their houses are only one storey high, made of wood.
And really, this girl told me that she doesnt go to school because she doesnt own an alarm clock, therefore she wont be able to wake up.
And as young as she is, maybe 8 or 9 years old, she has to cook for her family, since her mother ran away.
sad case right?=(

But I also love that they are willing to learn, especially English.
I sat down, opened a book and started reading.Pretty soon I am surrounded by the little people.=)
Some of them were even willing to forgo the pizza-making and eating just to hear me read them stories.*touched
And I love it.I love reading to attentive little audiences.
I love that they appreciate the chance to learn and the fact that they want to learn.
Aww.I have this most amazing awwwwww feeling.Haha.

And then, I started work in a nutrition/health drink company.
and so far, I love the customers(tho there are a few bad apples), love my colleagues, love the environment and love the place!
So high-class and comfortable kinda setting.There is even a pantry where drinks, fridge, oven are available.
My colleagues, sad to say, are all guys. But they're pretty nice people (hmm, when they are not busy haha).
And the customers are the best that I've ever seen.Because they bring food for us!!
Like all the way from Penang, Hong Kong bla bla.
Last I counted there were 7 different kind of delicacies from different places.
How awesome!
Oh oh last but not least the salary is sufficiently satisfying.Better than last year's RM 900 per month.(how pathetic = =)

Okay, that's all!!Will update when I have time, or Make time to blog.=)