Thursday, 1 August 2013

God, I need you!

Help me.
I need strength to endure through each hardships.
To endure through the workload, the stress and pressure.
Father God, I need you.
I need to be patient, be cool, loving and forgiving.
Help me not to harbour any unforgivingness and hatred in my heart.

Everyday, I tell them, I wanna resign.
Please just go and find someone else.
Everyday I find myself still going to the office.

Everyday, I tell myself that I must be patient and not get angry over anything.
And in the morning, I would still be able to keep my cool.
Few harsh words and I'm ready to call it quits.

And the workload keep piling up.
I feel like spitefully leaving them and then watch them DIE.
Watch how they suffer under the heavy worload which will be heavier after Jessie and I leave.

And then,
I thought they are pitiful too.They themselves are already working non stop till late night.
Sometimes I wonder, such good business and so much havoc within the internal system and it still works fine overall.
God really blessed this company.So much!!

But then again, I remind myself that it is God's provision for me to work here.
And I say, draw strength from Him.